Allergies, Technology, and a New Book

I love living “Down In The Hollow,” but sometimes the hollow and I do not agree with one another.  I love to be outside, “piddling” in the garden (piddling is a southern term that means working), walking my dog in the woods, and taking photos of wildflowers or “critters” that call the hollow home.  Most of the time, we all live in harmony in the hollow, and have respect for one another.  However, the hollow is currently amassing large amounts of tree pollen and assaulting everything; the house, the cars, the pets and me with its endeavor to share its love with other trees.  Spring isn’t usually an allergy problem for me, but this week I have had itchy, gritty eyes, dry throat, stuffy and/or runny nose, and a sneeze that has my cat, Rachel, jumping out of her skin.  Rachel is my 15-year-old tabby, who is content as long as I am sitting still and she can snuggle up against my hip, but who can be very vocal when she doesn’t get her way.  Let’s just say that when I sneeze, she hisses and spats all sorts of cat words that are too impolite to repeat here.

Technology has also arrived at the hollow this week.  I’ve started this blog and am immersed in all sorts of new terms and visiting new websites to make this a success.  I also upgraded to a smart phone this week and am discovering a whole new world in ‘being connected.’  It can be overwhelming, but I am determined to master the basics and use these tools for the good of God’s Kingdom.   Despite the new technology and new way of communication, there is nothing like receiving a package in the mailbox via U.S.P.S.  Snail-mail still has its advantages, and I feel like it is Christmas in the hollow.

Melanie Dickerson's newest book!
Melanie Dickerson’s newest book!

A paperback copy of Melanie Dickerson’s newest book, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest, has just arrived, (THANK YOU MS. DICKERSON!) with a request for my honest review.  So I’m going to sign off with the thought that although technology is interesting, tonight I am going to be curled up on the couch reading words on paper and being happy with the old-fashion way of things.  That’s life Down In The Hollow.