The Hunter Becomes The Hunted in Melanie Dickerson’s Newest Book

A skillful storyteller, Melanie Dickerson successfully enchants in her newest medieval novel, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest.  Her character, Odette, seeks to help feed the poorest children in her village by hunting in the king’s forest by night.  Jorgen, a forester, seeks justice for the poacher who murdered the man who raised him.  Both characters desire to serve God, but find that making the right decision takes wisdom, courage, and steadfast faith, even if it means sacrificing the desires of their hearts.  You’ll be swept into the romance the moment Odette and Jorgen meet, and will be holding your breath as the hunter tries to outwit and outrun the forester under the light of the moon.  Find out who is friend and who is foe in this exciting romance by Melanie Dickerson!


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