Review Time: Sweetened with Honey by Valerie Comer

Sweetened with Honey (A Farm Fresh Romance #3)

by Valerie Comer

Book 3 in the Farm Fresh Series by Valerie Comer!
Book 3 in the Farm Fresh Series by Valerie Comer!

His unspeakable past. Her insurmountable future.

Gabriel Rubachuk returns to Galena Landing, Idaho, once the setting of a charmed life before an accident killed his pregnant wife. Will he embrace hope for a new life or escape once again?

Beekeeper Sierra Riehl has spent three years helping to keep Gabe’s health food store afloat while he worked with orphans in Romania. Now he’s back, but it looks like he might bolt. Can she hold him still long enough to spark a romance? But Sierra’s hope falters when she begins to suspect she can’t give Gabe the life he deserves.

Is new love sweet enough to overcome the pain of the past and the uncertainty of the future?

My Review:

Book 3 in the Farm Fresh Romance Series picks up where book 1 leaves off. Gabe, who has lost his wife and child to an unfortunate accident in book 1, returns to Galena Landing three years later to sell off his health food store and cut his ties to the area and all the memories it brings back of his deceased wife. Sierra, who is pretty, personable, and kind in both books, seems to be struggling to find love after watching both of her friends, Jo and Claire, marry and start their families. She likes Gabe and wishes he could let go of the past and see what God has in store for his future; but Sierra also faces a personal trauma that quenches her hopes and dreams. Can she trust God with her present pain and trust him to restore her hope for a future? Will that future include Gabe? My Christian and Clean-Read friends will enjoy this series. I call this kind of book a “comfort” book because no matter the trial, I know I will be happy and encouraged by the end of the story.