Review Time: The Waiting Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan

The Waiting Heart (Those Karlsson Boys #3)

The Waiting HeartA family crisis brings Jace Karlsson back to Minnesota and face to face with the girl he loved and abandoned eight years earlier. When the opportunity arises to help her, he hopes that it will make amends for his actions of the past. But old feelings die hard, and Jace soon realizes he feels more than guilt and remorse.

While the tragic accident left Mari with a broken and scarred body, it was Jace Karlsson’s abrupt departure from her life that left her heart shattered. When he offers to help her realize a dream, Mari accepts but as she deals with the emotions of the past and the present, she wonders if the price is too high.

My Review:
This was a sweet Christian romance. Jace and Mari’s story finally has its spotlight, but the story felt somewhat rushed, more like it was tying up loose ends from the first two books. This should be called the “hospital series” as the hospital seems to be where the turning point in these stories occur, which is okay, but by the third book it did not feel like fresh material. In my opinion it was still a good read, perhaps not as good as the first two in the series? I’ll let future readers decide.
Note to author: I found several typos and grammatical errors in the ebook edition especially in the latter half of the book.