Review Time: Knowing God by Name by David Wilkerson

Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing

David Wilkerson explores ten Hebrew names for God that relate to times of testing and crisis, sharing promises of hope and special insight. 
Knowing God By Name - D. WilkersonMy Review:

Do you know the significant meanings of the various names for God? Dive into your bible using this Christian study guide and discover El Elyon – God Most High/God Our Creator, El Shaddai – God All Powerful, All Sufficient, Jehovah Rohpi – The Lord Who Heals You, and many more. Studying God by the various names in the bible helps to draw the reader into a deeper understanding and relationship with God. God wants us to know him and to be in a holy, healthy relationship with him. Check out this book by David Wilkerson and discover the powerful, majestic, loving, and holy God who desires to have an eternal relationship with you.

P.S. All the chapters are good, but my Sunday School class felt the chapter, God Who Forgives – His Name is Forgiveness, was especially meaningful.