Book Review: Truth or Dare by Denise Hunter

Truth or Dare

A foolish stunt in high school left Brianna VanAllen questioning her self worth for the past five years. She didn’t expect to dig up those painful memories when she returned home for her high school reunion. But, paired with Jake Volez on a project at her parents’ ranch, Brianna must face the issue of forgiveness. Will she have the courage to put her heart at risk again?
Sweet novella by Denise Hunter.  Sweet deal on for 99 cents!
Sweet novella by Denise Hunter. Sweet deal on for 99 cents!

My Review:

Friends often tell me that they don’t like novellas because there is so much “not covered,” “not explained,” or “not enough depth” in them. However, I enjoy novellas, especially when I need a quick read while I’m waiting in the doctor’s office, traveling, or just want a pick me up. One thing I know is Denise Hunter is a great novella author. She places you in the setting with enough details that you don’t get bogged down and can focus on the relationship of the characters. She creates the tension, dilemma, or trial her characters face and carries you along to a crescendo of resolution at the end. With all the negative news and information streamed to our phones, TV’s, and radios, it’s always nice to read something with a “happily ever after.” Truth or Dare is a sweet, quick read about perception of wealth, or lack thereof, and how it defines how Brianna and Jake interact with one another. Sometimes we have to put aside our perceptions so we can see the truth of the heart.

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