Four Reasons to Read a Novella

I’m getting ready to review some novellas I’ve read this summer and this blog from Bethany House summed up exactly why I love a good novella. Check out some free novella ebooks being offered at the end of the blog for yourself. I can tell you personally that Gentleman of Her Dreams is a fun, romantic read, and I’ve downloaded the others to read too. Happy Reading!

Bethany House Fiction

Earlier this month, I wrote a post on some problems that authors face in knowing how many free books to distribute to reviewers. That said, we also realize that sometimes it’s hard to take a risk on a new-to-you author without knowing if you’ll like their writing style.

One of the ways Bethany House has recently dealt with this is by releasing free ebook-only novellas, available to download for free on an ereader, iPad, or your computer. Before coming to work at BHP, I don’t think I’d ever read a novella, so it was an entirely new form to me. Here are a few reasons I’ve come to appreciate novellas as a reader, and why you might want to give them a try.


One: They’re basically like those little mini boxes of chocolates. You have a sampler of a variety of different styles so you know exactly what you like…

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