Review Time: SPLASH! (Novella Book Bundle Part 1)

Great ebook bundle - Only $0.99 today at
Great ebook bundle – Only $0.99 today at

Hi Folks!  The one thing I like about a book bundle is the opportunity to read an author’s work that I haven’t read before.  Take SPLASH! 9 Refreshing Romance Novellas Filled with Faith.  This bundle includes authors Narelle Atkins, Valerie Comer, Autumn Macarthur, Heidi McCahan, Lesley Ann McDaniel, Carol Moncado, Lynette Sowell, Jan Thompson, and Marion Ueckermann.  I’ve read good books by Valerie Comer and Carol Moncado, so I found this especially appealing to pick up new books by a couple of favorite authors.  Plus I wanted something fun to read that highlights all I enjoy during the summer:  sun, sand, surf, shopping, the pool, picnics, cookouts, bonfires, smores, fishing, and more.  I purchased this ebook gem for $0.99 at back in the early summer and I haven’t been disappointed.  (By the way, the bundle is still $0.99 today so don’t miss out.) These are quality, heartwarming, romantic stories set all across the world. They are filled with endearing characters that have to overcome internal and external struggles in order to have that ‘happy ever after’.  And, there is always some body of water to cool things off when the romance warms up: a cove, ocean, pool, river, etc.  Simply put, it is FUN summer reading!

Okay.  So this is Part 1, because I’m only covering books 1-5 today with a quick summary/review of each:

His Perfect Catch - by Narelle Atkins#1 Narelle Atkins:  His Perfect Catch – This is a story about Mia and Pete.  Mia is a city girl from Sidney, Australia, escaping a media sensationalized legal issue with her ex-boyfriend. Pete is a traveling contractor who has found his dream home and business in a quiet, cozy, cove/town on the coast.  They are neighbors and simply friends right?  Or has love slowly worked its way into their relationship?  Will past choices and future opportunities break the strong bond they have formed?  This story distantly reminded me of “Love Comes Softly,” in way the theme of love gently built to much more over time.

#2 Valerie Comer:  Sweet Serenade (Book 3 in The Riverbend Series). Sweet Serenade by Valerie Comer This is a story about Carly and Reed.  Enjoy canoeing and singing around a campfire? Then this is the book for you.  Carly and Reed work for competing outfitters in Riverbend (Canada).  Carly is new to town, and reconnecting with life after the death of her beloved father.  Reed is a deeply devoted Christian who has the reputation of being ‘ice cold’ when it comes to dating.  But, Reed sees something genuine in Carly that intrigues him.  Carly likes Reed, but she has some secrets that she fears can’t be forgiven, as well as a jealous cousin, Brittany, who subtly works to cause hurt and trouble.  Will these two figure out God has a greater plan for them all?

More Than Friends by Autumn Macarthur#3 Autum Macarthur: More Than Friends – This is Catriona’s and Alistair’s story.  Catriona is a gifted nurse who has created a program to take special needs children to the beach for a day filled with fun that works within each child’s abilities, giving the parents a break.  When a member of Cat’s team backs out of the event, Cat has to call on a family friend Alistair. Ali and some coworkers often hurts Cat’s feelings with their teasing behavior.  However Alistair sees Cat in a whole new way when he realizes how patient and caring she is for each child regardless of the difficulty of the situation.  This story was particularly touching when it came to the interactions with the special children.  Some of their stories will break your heart, so grab some tissues.

#4 Heidi McCahan: Love Flies In – Tisha is in Alaska to get away from a Love Flies In by Heidi McCahancontrolling mother.  Chase is in a business partnership, but isn’t satisfied with his job.  He remembers Tisha from school.  They often had fun banter together, but she was critical of his Christian faith.  A surprise encounter has them wondering if they’ve both grown-up and changed?  And what will Tisha do when faced with a family emergency that is calling her back home… I was satisfied with story, but will admit that is ended a bit too quickly for me.

#5 Leslie Ann McDaniel: Testing The Waters – This is Curt’s and American Teresa’s, or should I say, French Terese’s story.  Teresa has spent the last couple of years dating a guy who continually destroyed her self-esteem.  After a difficult break-up she heads to the beach for some peace, quiet, and reflection.  What she finds is Curt, a waiter, who looks at her like she’s pretty and smart.  Feeling like she isn’t good enough, she tells Curt she is Terese, an intriguing visitor from Paris.  Its only for four days right?  What could go wrong?  This author was a new one for me, and I look forward to reading other books by Ms. McDaniel.  The descriptive beach setting in Oregon made me want to go on vacation!  (Unfortunately I was not able to locate an individual photo of this book, or find its stand-alone version on Amazon at this time.)

To summarize Part 1 of my SPLASH! review:   Five very good authors.  One very good price.  Lots of summer time fun and romance.  Part 2 and four more novella reviews coming soon!