Review Time: SPLASH! (Novella Book Bundle – Part 2)

Great ebook bundle - Only $0.99 today at
Great ebook bundle – Only $0.99 today at

As I mentioned in my part 1 of the SPLASH! blog, the one thing I like about a book bundle is the opportunity to read an author’s work that I haven’t read, especially if the work is clean (no profanity, no violence, no crude humor, no explicit sex), has a good story, and is romantic (yes, I am a ‘happily-ever-after’ sort of girl). Take SPLASH! 9 Refreshing Romance Novellas Filled with Faith.  This bundle includes Christian authors: Narelle Atkins, Valerie Comer, Autumn Macarthur, Heidi McCahan, Lesley Ann McDaniel, Carol Moncado, Lynette Sowell, Jan Thompson, and Marion Ueckermann.  I’ve read good books by Valerie Comer and Carol Moncado, so I found this especially appealing to pick up new books by a couple of favorite authors.  Plus I wanted something fun to read that highlights all I enjoy during the summer:  sun, sand, surf, shopping, the pool, picnics, cookouts, bonfires, smores, fishing, and more.  I purchased this ebook gem for $0.99 at back in the early summer and I haven’t been disappointed.  (By the way, the bundle is still $0.99 today so don’t miss out.) These are quality, heartwarming, romantic stories set all across the world. They are filled with endearing characters that have to overcome internal and external struggles in order to have that ‘happy ever after’.  And, there is always some body of water to cool things off when the romance warms up: a cove, ocean, pool, river, etc.  Simply put, it is FUN summer reading – so dive in and make SPLASH! part of your summer too!

This is Part 2, because I’m only covering books 6-9 today with a quick summary/review of each. If you missed Part 1, check out my blog from August 1st!

The Lifeguards by Carol Moncado#6 Carol Moncado: The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, and Frozen Custard –  Even though CJ and Alivia are adults this reminded me of the joy of first teen romance and the excitement of that first kiss.  Sigh!  CJ has a great burden on his shoulders and struggles to trust others to help.  Alivia is generous with helping others, but doesn’t understand CJ’s aloofness. By working together as lifeguards and helping the swim team, can they learn to forgive and trust each other?  This book for me was a trip down memory lane.  As a teenager I loved to swim with friends at the pool and what a treat it was when parents treated us to frozen custard or ice cream. This is truly a “sweet” summer romance.

Time and Tide by Lynette Sowell#7 Lynette Sowell: Time and Tide – Karyn has lost her job and has returned to a campground in Chincoteague, Virginia where she grew up with neighbors who were like family.  Going back brings back memories of losing her best friend, Megan, and a hurtful accident that took Megan’s life.  Brodie is a single dad trying to raise a precocious 8 year old daughter.  Seeing Karyn again brings back heartache, but also a chance at forgiveness, new love, and hope for the future.  I have visited Chincoteague Island and seen the wild ponies, so this story attracted me for the setting alone.  Add special characters like Aunt Fay and Uncle Virgil who truly bring the feeling of ‘family’ to the story and you have a nice seaside romance.

#8 Jan Thompson: Draw You Near – Artist Abilene loves her quiet life in Savannah, GA.  She’s frugal, but not ‘starving,’ and she is able to do what she lovesDraw You Near by Jan Thompson to do – paint.  Wealthy British, Lars, comes to Savannah seeking the subject of a painting that Abilene created.  Art is personal to Abilene, so this intrusion by Lars (which to me bordered on stalking), upsets the peaceful balance she has created in her life.  Lars discovers the artist is much more interesting than the subject of her painting and tries to draw Abilene to him, but Lars has some soul searching to do before he can truly commit.  Will their common faith help them to ‘picture’ themselves together?  This story made me want to visit Savannah and see all the beauty that the author brings to life in this story.  I will have to say that the conversations between Abilene and Lars were initially difficult for me to follow, but improved as the story developed.

Orphaned Hearts by Marion Ueckermann#9 Marion Ueckermann:  Orphaned Hearts – The problem with novellas is that sometimes I enjoy the story so much that I want the author to deepen and unfold the characters and their story.  Orphaned Hearts was a well written story about widower and elephant rescue specialist, Simon, and his feisty daughter, Chloe.  Simon has mourned the loss of his wife for five years and his life has revolved around his daughter and his elephants.  An encounter with the elegant Abigail Chadwick, a kindergarten teacher for the local orphanage, leaves Simon longing for companionship.  Can Simon overcome his anger with God, plus let go of his grief and guilt, to have a future with Abigail?  Heartwarming story and romance.  (Note to my clean read friends:  there is mention of alcohol in this story, but it is brief and part of a scene where a meal is being served.)

To summarize Part 2 of my SPLASH! review:   Four very good authors.  One very good price.  A total of nine books in all.  Lots of summer time fun and romance!  Happy reading!!!