Review Time: All Is Calm by Colleen Coble

Short, cozy, romantic, suspense in the Lonestar series.
Short, cozy, romantic, suspense in the Lonestar series.

My Review: 

I picked up this cozy short story on audio CD as something to have closer to the Christmas holiday, but found myself discouraged by the offerings on the radio, so I listened to this story instead. I call this story ‘cozy’ because it is a sweet romance, with a hint of suspense. Main character, Lauren, is suspected in a murder of a horse and a jockey at the ranch where she works. On the run, she meets Brandon, a special ops marine, recovering from an injury. Initially Brandon does not believe Lauren’s story, but after some inquiries to her cousin, Tonya, he realizes that jealousy, and unfortunate timing on Lauren’s part have set her up as a suspect. While Brandon is working to clear Lauren’s name, the real murderer decides it is time to silence the one person who may remember more about the night of the murder than she should!

Entertaining, light suspense, with a some sweet Christmas cheer.

Book Promo

This Christmas, Lauren seeks sanctuary and finds unexpected romance at the Bluebird Ranch.

The Bluebird Ranch is the perfect place for Lauren Everman to hide. As the witness to a murder, she needs a place to catch her breath and the ranch s owners offer her much needed sanctuary. Her skill with horses means she s able to lend a hand with the foster kids who come to the ranch to learn to ride. Little Carly, age five, is her first and most shy student.

Brendan Waddell is recovering from a gunshot wound at Bluebird Ranch. His friends spacious and welcoming home is the perfect place for him to rest, especially during the holiday season. Newcomer Lauren intrigues him, even though she declares she s not interested in romance.

When Lauren and Brendan conspire to give young Carly ahappy Christmas, love blooms. But first the couple must race against time to find the killer before he strikes again.”