Christmas Book Review: Merry Kisses by Valerie Comer

This set features Merry Kisses by Valerie Comer.
This set features Merry Kisses by Valerie Comer.

What happens when you accidently say, “Merry Kisses” instead of “Happy Holidays” to the guy portraying the mall Santa as he comes though your register line with a basket full of toys?  Well bring on the mistletoe and prepare yourself for some toe curling kisses as Sonya and Heath figure out how to celebrate the season together when their religious beliefs differ.  Both are Christians, but Sonya believes that Santa is part of the commercialization of a holy holiday which should focus on Jesus.  She sees Santa as a lie told to children to get them to behave, and that teaches them to have false expectations about gifts.  Heath sees Santa as a way to reach out to others, especially children in need, to be the hands and feet of Christ.  He doesn’t understand why Sonya doesn’t have any ‘fun’ when it comes to Christmas.  When Sonya loses her job over the “Merry Kisses” slip, Heath offers her a temporary job as Santa’s assistant, but what happens is the beginning of a beautiful relationship based on respect and the desire to follow God’s leading.  One of the things I enjoy about this story is revisiting old friends and watching how the main characters work through their differences to build a loving relationship.  Oh, and let’s not forget the merry kisses that leave you swooning for more!  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this Riverbend romance:

Quote #1 (Heath)“Sweetheart, God is my lifeline.  I want His love to flow through me every single day.  It’s why I am Santa. Why I did the program today. I want to help point kids – families- to the best gift of all, salvation through Jesus.  I don’t do it perfectly.  I know it.  But it’s what I want more than anything.”

Quote #2 (Sonya)  “Thank you for being so patient with me,” she whispered against his lips.  (Heath) “Loving you is always my pleasure.”  (How many of us look as patience as a way of loving our spouses or significant person in our lives?)

Well done, Valerie Comer!  I will have to say this is probably my favorite of the

Novella #1 in the Riverbend series by Valerie Comer
Novella #1 in the Riverbend series by Valerie Comer

Riverbend series, although I am fond of Secretly Yours too.

Psst…for my readers who don’t know, the couple holding hands on the cover is Valerie and her husband, Jim.  What a neat way to conclude the Riverbend series.

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