Review Time: Winter by Marissa (Book 4 in the Lunar Chronicles Series)

Winter by Marissa MeyerOkay, I’ll confess that I have been waiting a long year for this book to come out and I am not a teenager!  Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter have plans for a revolution on the Lunar colony but they get off to a rocky start, and an even rockier conclusion.  With all the twists and turns across the lunar landscape, the splitting up and reuniting of our four heroines and their heroes, and the unexpected maneuvering against an enemy that can take over your mind, will they finally find their ‘happily ever after?’  All I can say is when does the movie come out???!!!   Good conclusion to an action packed series that is loosely based on the fairytales Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White.

Favorite heroine: Scarlet Benoit. (Move over Scarlet Johansson!)

Favorite hero:  Captain Thorne. (He reminds me of Han Solo from Star Wars – nuf said.)

Favorite Couple:  Cinder and Kai. (Every emperor should have a good robot mechanic to dance with at the ball. Just don’t step on her foot.)

Favorite Lunars: Wolf and Cress.  (This story would not have happened without them!)

Favorite Robot: Iko (She really needs her own love story Ms. Meyer, and somewhere to wear all those dresses she found in Levana’s closet).

Favorite Kiss:  Winter & Jacin (My only disappointment was not having a repeat of the first kiss that occurred in menagerie at the end of the book.  After all they both suffered…yes they deserved at least one more swoon worthy kiss!)

Ms. Meyer the girls need their own super nova wedding story so I hope you don’t plan to end the series anytime soon!

For those who haven’t read this series check out the Lunar Chronicles at Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles Website.

Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer