A Draw Of Kings by Patrick Carr

A Draw of Kings by Patrick Carr
Book 3 in The Staff & The Sword by Patrick Carr.

So after reading A Hero’s Lot (The Staff and the Sword – Book 2), I was on a action ‘high’ and very anxious to read A Draw of Kings.  Errol and company are once again swept into adventure to stop the evil Merakhi who are now led by demons called Malus.  Liam plays a larger role and it is evident he should be king, but the reasons why come late in the book.  Errol as usual must choose the higher road, and goes on a journey to retrieve the Magis’s book for the Judica and Conclave.  There are lots of twists and turns in the story and the battle comes to its final conclusion. I can’t give away details without spoiling the finale.  I will say over all the book was good.  However, it did bog-down at times in the journeys and preparations for the battle. Mr. Carr is a detailed oriented author which is a good trait to have, but by the end I was ready to just get to the battle and conclusion without all the drawn out tension that was occurring on several fronts.  The ending, though positive, was flat for me.  After all the details given to the journey and battle scenes I was hoping for a more complete explanation of what happened to all of the characters who survived to the end.  Did the Shadowlanders receive pardon or were they given their own country?  Did Rale return home to his family or was he reinstated to the Watch?  What happened to the horsemen who were expected to attack on a separate front from the Merakhi?  Did the barrier keep them out or did they just return to their mountains once the new king was crowned?  Did the church finally accept the solis and knowable Aurae?  What about Adora and Liam and their connection?  Were Rokha and Merodach married?  After all the details given, it seemed that the epilogue was short.  Still this is a very good series and Errol’s character is so heroic and noble; it is well worth the read.

Cast of Stones - Patrick W. Carr
Non-stop action and intrigue by Patrick W. Carr.
The Heroes Lot by Patrick Carr
Book 2 in The Staff & The Sword series by Patrick Carr.

2 thoughts on “A Draw Of Kings by Patrick Carr

  1. This sounds like an interesting book series, even if I’m not into the fantasy genre :). I finally read The Hobbit for the first time this summer…yeah, I’m behind ;).


    1. There are many classics I haven’t read either, Anita. I try to make it my goal to read at least one per year. I hope you enjoyed The Hobbit. Tolkien built an amazing, detailed saga around “middle earth.” I wish that I had that kind of vision and inspiration! I hope you’ll consider reading the series by Patrick Carr. It is a fantasy adventure, but it has rich faith elements and engaging characters. I could see this series becoming a movie!


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