Yoga, The Back Pain Cure by Howard VanEs and Dr. Rick Harvey

Yoga, The Back Pain Cure2015 marked the year that I started having lower back and leg pain episodes. After suffering for several months I finally went to see my physician. In addition to cold therapy and OTC pain relievers, my physician recommended trying yoga stretches to ease the muscle tension in my lower back and help strengthen my lower torso.

During the same week this book, Yoga, The Back Pain Cure, came up on Bookbub as a low-cost featured book. At first I was skeptical, but the more I practiced the basic stretches and then strengthening exercises, I found that it does work and I feel better. This may not be a cure for all back pain or all back issues, but I found it worth the investment. The book is layed out in short, easy to read sections, which include photos and detailed information on how to begin the stretching exercise, how to breathe during the exercise, and how to release and come out of the exercise safely.  The books starts with simple basic routines and builds to a more complex stretching routine.  It also features some first aid tips for back pain.

Whether you’re experiencing back pain or would like some stretching techniques to improve your exercise regime, Yoga, The Back Pain Cure is a good place to begin.