Love in the Details by Becky Wade

Love in the Details by Becky WadeI was in the mood for a sweet, short story and Love in the Details, by Becky Wade, delivers.  Holly broke up with Josh so he would stay in college and complete his degree, but she never told him why.  Letting him go was the hardest thing she had ever done and her heart has never forgotten him.  Eight years later, Josh is a successful entrepreneur and back in town for his best friends wedding.  He still hurts over Holly’s rejection even as their reacquaintance draws him near enough to fall for her again.  But seeing Josh’s success, and still harboring guilt over hurting Josh, has Holly feeling unworthy of his love.  Well without giving away all the “details” let’s just say it ends “happily ever after.”

My only complaint is the ending felt rushed to me, but this is a novella and that happens in shorter stories.  I also want to know what happens to Rob, Holly’s chef friend and neighbor.