A Handful of Flowers by Kimberly Rae Jordan

A Handful of Flowers by Kimerly Rae JordanMove over Brady Bunch, Emily McFadden and Steve Callaghan take family merging to a whole new level!  Emily McFadden visits her new neighbor, Steve Callaghan, to get permission for her son to play with his son.  She is a military widow with four children and unanswered questions about her husband’s death.  She isn’t looking for a date or anything romance related.  Steve is reeling from a painful divorce and trying to raise four boys.  He mistakes Emily’s visit as romantic interest and rudely dismisses her request for her son, and her request to help provide childcare for his children.  Realizing he may have judged hastily, he apologizes and takes Emily up on the offer for childcare in exchange for some repairs she needs to her home.  As Emily cares for and treats Steve’s children like she would her own, Steve sees Emily in a whole new light.  One that is unlike his ex-wife and one that has the potential of capturing his heart.  It is gratitude, or true love, and can he convince Emily to feel the same?

Sweet, cozy romance with that satisfying ‘happily ever after.’  Book 1 in the Love Blossoms Christian romance book set! Check out all of Kimberly Rae Jordan’s books at kimberlyraejordan.com.