Siren’s Song by Mary Weber

Storm Siren by Mary WeberI won this book in a*** giveaway only to discover that it is book three in a series. Still, it wasn’t hard to pick up the storyline and take an interest in the characters. Nym, the “Storm Siren” from book 1, is on the run with her friends to warn the other kingdoms that Draewolf is making war to conquer all. After some skirmishes with tentative allies, they reach Faelen, Nym’s homeland. Here she must convince higher caste and lower caste to fight together for their freedom. The story is fairly well paced, building to a final battle to save their land from the consuming darkness that is Draewolf. The relationship between the Bron King, Eogan, and Nym is more a battle of wills; ardent and sacrificial, but I wouldn’t call it romantic. I’m still trying to picture what a bolcrane is because Nym uses this word to describe Eogan regularly. I suspect it has to do with what this country girl would call a “stubborn mule.” Beautiful cover art.  Fans of fantasy and sci-fi will enjoy this action series!

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