How to Knit for Beginners 9 Free Tutorials by ALLFREEKNITTING

How to Knit for BeginnersEvery year I like to read at least one piece of non-fiction and generally in the self-help or hobby department; although I will pick up a history book from time to time. This year I have already read YOGA: The Back Pain Cure, which was very helpful when I was experiencing some lower back pain issues in the fall and winter. You can find my review for this book at:
So the yoga book should have met my non-fiction quota for the year except… I like to learn new things. After taking a couple basic knitting classes offered by our local library in 2015, and not producing anything useful other than rows of knit stitch and rows of purl stitch, I decided it was time to enhance what I knew by reading a knitting book called, Knit for Beginners 9 Free Tutorials by ALLFREEKNITTING. Ah, the satisfaction of tackling the basics of what needles and yarn to use, casting onto your needle, and learning stitches like knit and purl, (which I confess I had learned at the library prior to reading the book). The clear photo illustrations improved my understanding of increasing and decreasing stitches, plus helped me to learn basic terminology and what pattern abbreviations mean.

Simple Dish Cloth Knit Project
The simple dishcloth pattern from the book, plus a mini version I practiced at my local library’s knitting class.

There are three basic patterns included in the book for a dishcloth and two types of scarves. I tried a pattern called, The Simple Dishcloth, and felt great satisfaction when I read the instructions and did not have a big question mark plastered to my forehead and the pattern came out with success! Am I a master at knitting? Absolutely not! Am I learning the basics and producing something fun and useful? YES – Definitely!!!

The best part of this book is that it was a FREE download on So if you are interested in learning knitting, this basic book is a helpful guide, and you can’t beat the price. It also comes with online links to enhance the learning experience and points the reader to other patterns and videos. The only concern I had with the website was the pop-up ads and non-related commercials that made the experience less enjoyable.

Sashay Knit Project
Scarf I knitted using Sashay yarn.

I am recommending this book, but I would like to recommend other knitting resources that I’ve discovered on this new learning journey:
Local Knitting Guilds and Clubs – Friendly experienced knitters who are usually more than willing to mentor a beginning knitter, share some great patterns, and teach you how to have fun and be creative with your new skill.
Your local library – I discovered my local library has many wonderful knitting books for all levels and all types of projects, plus they have arranged for the local knitting guild to offer a free basic knitting class the second Saturday of every month! Check out your local library and see what they have to offer.– Offers multiple videos to assist you with any basic, intermediate, and advanced project.,, and – all have free patterns, colorful photos, and instructions for your next project.
Check out or other book retailer to see if they offer any Free/low cost e-books and print books to purchase.

Stockinette Project
Here is a stockinette stitch scarf project I am working on for next winter.

If you take advantage of these resources and practice, practice, practice, you’ll be accomplishing basic knitting projects in no time!
Oh! If you want to know what made me consider knitting it are all the books I have read by Debbie Macomber, Jessica Day George, and other authors whose characters (men and women) create wonderful creations for friends, neighbors, and even for the ladies they love. And some of these books offer free patterns in the back for their readers.