Happy Release Day – A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

Happy Release Day to Pepper Basham!  I’m reposting this blog because I loved this story and this is the first book in her new Mitchell’s Crossroads contemporary series set in southwest Virginia!  If you’re from Virginia or the Blue Ridge Mountains, definitely give this book your attention!

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Rural Appalachia meets polished academia in this charming, humorous, contemporary romance.  Dee is a hard working, speech pathologist graduate from the University of Virginia vying for a chance to present her research to a professional board and land her dream job on the main campus at Charlottesville, Virginia.  Reese is a cattle farmer from Wise, Virginia who has an interview in Chicago for his own dream job. Dee has big dreams of success; dreams that do not include standing in a field of cattle in her high heels helping to birth a calf while giving accent lessons to a stubborn farmer!  Reese isn’t looking for accent reduction lessons or romance, especially after dealing with his deceased wife’s infidelities.  Sparks fly between Ms. ‘Is Not” and Mr. “Ain’t” creating hostility and attraction that had me laughing till my sides hurt.  However, there is much more than attraction and romance in this charming story.  What makes this story shine is the strong element of faith that sustains Reese and his homegrown, meddlesome family and has Dee questioning her own upbringing and faith, and what truly matters in life.  Is pursuing the career of your dreams enough?

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So I mentioned how much I laughed, but there are touching moments that had me holding my breath, serious moments that had me near tears, and swoon-worthy moments when Dee and Reese realized that God has something planned for both of them together.  I wanted so much for Dee and Reese to succeed in their career dreams, but more importantly I wanted them to succeed as people who have full happy lives, filled with faith, love, and family.  Pepper Basham brings all this together with an interesting twist of faith and leaves room for more helpings of future stories to come.

By the way, I think I gained 10 pounds from just reading about all the food that Mrs. Mitchell prepares for her family.  Ms. Basham it may be time for a cookbook or at least some recipes to keep hungry readers happy.  And I can’t leave out Haus, the grinning dog.  He gradually works his way into Dee’s heart just like God does, winning her over with his loyalty and love.

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Anticipated release date April 6, 2016!



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