Walk You There by Jan Thompson

Walk You There by Jan ThompsonWalk You There is book 5 in the  Savannah Sweethearts – Inspirational Multi-ethnic Christian Romance series.

Tamsyn Pendegrast is a history advocate and owner of Tamsyn Tours in Savannah, Georgia.  She’s trying to preserve the historic block where she grew up and where her family has over a 100 year history.  Ryan Ruttledge V is prestigious, modern architect buying up the dilapidated Pendegrast block in hopes of revitalizing the area with a modern business park.   The local government has left it up to the individual homeowners to decide whether to sell to Ryan’s company or not, which has left Ryan with a dilemma.  Sparks fly between Ryan and Tamsyn as they champion their causes neither reaching their goal.  Ryan’s partner encourages him to go visit the area, get to know the owners, and find out why the owners feel the old block is worth saving.  When Ryan meets Tamsyn in person and begins to see the beauty and connection that links Tamsyn to the old Savannah block, he starts to see Tamsyn in a whole new light, one that has less to do with a business deal and more to do with his heart.

I love the Savannah, Georgia setting and the conflict of preserving old history while modernizing to meet future needs.  I did struggle a bit with the conversations between Tamsyn and Ryan to see why they were upset or in love with one another, because I sometimes missed the cues that the author intended.  Whether this is part of the multi-ethnic dialogue or the author’s style, I’m not sure, but overall it did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.  The author does include some italicized ‘thoughts’ of each person that are often different from what they say, but add humor and depth to the character.  This is a novella, so events occur quickly which may at odds with the emotional struggles of the book.  It is the nature of a novella and readers should be prepared for quick changes Love Blossoms - 7 Christian Romancesin order to keep the story moving towards its goal.

Final note to readers is that this is a Christian story and faith elements and scripture are part of the story.  I enjoyed it and I hope you will too.

I read this story in the Love Blossoms book set which is currently $4.99 on amazon.com.