Be Victorious by Dr. Warren Wiersbe

Be Victorious cover transmit.inddThe book of Revelation by the apostle John is an amazing, yet intriguing vision, of what many Christians call “the end times.”  It is graphic, full of symbolism and historic references, and sobering in its messages to the seven churches of the world.  The battle between good and evil reaches its climax with Christ leading his faithful people to victory and into the promised new heaven and new earth…the “New Jerusalem.” “Behold, I make all things new!” (Revelations 21:5b).  Understanding Revelation is challenging and even Dr. Wiersbe admits to areas that Christians must take on faith and pray for God to reveal the true meaning.  The vivid imagery and symbolism in the Revelation often draws from Old and New Testament scripture and Dr. Wiersbe does his best to help the reader understand the imagery and symbolism in context with these scriptures.  He is thorough in his verse by verse commentary; giving alternate interpretations by other scholars where needed.  Most importantly he clearly reminds the reader of the primary purpose behind John’s writing of the Revelation…to give hope to Christians in all places and in all circumstances.  “Christ is the victor, and in Christ, we are victorious.”  (back cover).

I and my Sunday school class enjoyed reading and studying the book of Revelation using Dr. Wiersbe’s book as a guide, and I recommend this and other bible study guides in the “BE” series by Dr. Wiersbe.