Second Chance Reunion by Merrillee Whren

Second Chance Reunion by Merrilee WhrenWhen you reach rock-bottom, there’s nowhere to go but ‘up,’ right?  Annie Payton has made serious past mistakes, abusing alcohol and drugs and stealing money to pay for those habits.  After losing her children to social services, she starts to get her life back on track, completing a year-long rehab and doing whatever it takes to win back custody of her children.  But the past still lingers and even those who are helping her at Village of Hope seem to have their doubts; especially ex-husband Ian who is representing her in the custody case.  Annie, doesn’t want to fail, but past memories of failure and guilt plague her.  Can she achieve redemption and make a new life?

As much as this is a love story, it is also a story of redemption and forgiveness.  People make mistakes.  People are hurting from their mistakes and from the mistakes of others.  Where can you find peace?  I love this story because it shows how God is the answer to those seeking redemption, forgiveness, and the strength to move past their mistakes and start fresh each day.  No one is perfect, but in Christ all can be made new.

I actually read book 2 of the Village of Hope series first (I won it from and author giveaway), and as much as I enjoyed that story, I found Second Chance Reunion to have more depth and meaning for me personally.  The author Merrillee Whren does an excellent job of showing how faith can help you overcome the worst circumstances one day at a time.  I loved the slow reconciliation between Annie and Ian and the forgiveness that each needed Falling for the Billionaire by Merrillee Whrento give and receive from each other.  Kara and Spencer are adorable children and, Kara especially, livens up the story with her antics.  This is a sweet faith-filled read and I am looking forward to reading book 3, Falling for the Billionaire, in the Village of Hope series.  Well done, Ms. Whren!

Nursing the Soldiers Heart by Merrillee Whren

One final note, I love, love, love the idea of a Village of Hope.  I wish my own community had something like this to offer the elderly who many need assisted living or nursing care, abused women and children, and


those who are in need of a helping hand.