Mother’s Day – From Earth to Heaven

I often wonder what my mother is doing right now.  You see, she left this earth 3 years ago after a battle with leukemia.  24 hours before she died she was sitting up and talking to ‘angels’ who were sitting on the edge of her bed and attending her.  My father, along with a nursing aid who was sitting with her, told her they didn’t see any angels.  But she told them they were there and they had come to take her home.  How comforting it was to know she had a heavenly escort as she passed through the veil into her heavenly home.

I can only imagine the joys she is experiencing, no more pain or suffering, no tears, and how she must be treasuring her time with Jesus!  Is she even aware of her family here on earth and the struggles we face day by day?  Is she still praying for us like she did especially in her retirement years?  I wonder what she would say to her daughter, still living here on earth.  I would love to hear her voice again and to have one of her special ‘Mama Hugs.’

2 Mom & Dad (6)I do know one thing.  Okay, maybe two or three things.  My mother had a strong faith.  She loved Jesus.  She cried tears of joy to hear her daughters pray over a meal with family.  Well she only cried when I prayed.  I don’t know if she was so pleased that I had found the courage to pray aloud, or was crying for me to hurry up and finish so we could sit down to eat together!

My mother loved family and reading and writing.  She was good at composing and giving all her writing a professional look.  She would have loved the idea of this blog.  I know without a doubt she would have helped me with book and recipe reviews and told me what I could have done to make my writing better.  Most importantly she would have wanted me to honor my faith in God in all I do and all I write, and she would have wanted me to encourage the love of family and friends.

So today, as I sit here remembering my mother – her love and her wisdom, I want to thank God for giving me a wonderful mother; a mother who did her very best to instill in our family a deep faith in the Trinity, to live morally, and who taught us to love and support one another through life’s joys and sorrows.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers today.  I pray that like my mother, you will instill a legacy of faith and love into your family that will endure through the next generation and beyond.


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