At Work Within by Rick Osborne

At Work Within by Rick OsborneIn At Work Within, Rick Osborne offers a very positive and insightful look at the Great Commission:  Jesus’ call to his apostles and disciples to go and make disciples of all people.  But how does that process begin?  Mr. Osborne gives a bible based account of the main theme of this book – Transformation – beginning with salvation and the continuous goal of growing into the image of Christ through a seven step process that is firmly established in scripture.  Each chapter of the book opens with a dream sequence which Mr. Osborne explains by the end of the chapter.  Some readers may find this strange or intimidating, but I looked at these dreams as what inspired the author to write the book.  I did not dwell too deeply into the dreams except to understand that the author would use them to explain a key point in his own transformation.  My advice to readers is to remember that God speaks to his children in different ways, dreams, visions, small still voices, miracles, through His creation, through compassionate people, and most importantly through the bible.  So, don’t let the dreams keep you from the quality message within the chapters.   Some of my favorite chapters were 4 (From Faith to Faith), 5 (All Things New), and 6 (The Renewing of Your Mind).  I found these particular chapters helpful and they encouraged me and reminded me of Who the Author of my faith really is, and that He is diligently working to transform me into who He needs me to be in His image.  I also liked the “Power Points” from each chapter to summarize the main ideas and give quick encouraging points for readers to consider before moving to the next chapter.  Faults?  There is some repetition, but I know that repetition is a tool used to help remember key ideas.  I also saw this as Mr. Osborne’s way of ‘cheerleading’ and encouraging his readers to stay the course.  There is a bit of sales pitch in one of the concluding sections, but the author does not simply ask for book purchases, but for readers to share the book and what they have learned with other Christians.  The only thing I would have added to this section would have been to suggest that if you are sharing this book to make sure that the person had access to the Bible (God’s Holy Word), and understood how to use the bible in tandem with the book.  This book alone is not going to make disciples or transform you from within.  The Bible will!

I did receive an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.  That being said, I started reading the book just to ‘read it through’ for a review; and I found myself delving into the scriptures and gaining spiritual insight from it.  I am planning to recommend this book to my Sunday school class and to others who may be struggling to understand what their purpose as a Christian is.  If you are interested in more information on salvation, discipleship, and transformation, visit