The Children’s Corner: The Berenstain Bears by Jan and Mike Berenstain

Faithful Friends by BerenstainsI don’t know about you, but when I was growing up any adventure of The Berenstain Bears by Jan and Mike Berenstain was a treat.  Even 40+ years later I am still enchanted by these stories.  How do I know I’m still enchanted?  Well, I recently found not one, but two, Berenstain Bears in e-book format on sale through a book deal newsletter and I bought both of them even though I only have two cats and a dog to read to now!  So today I am recommending The Berenstain Bears “Mama’s Helpers” and “Faithful Friends” to  parents of young children or anyone who is looking for reading material that offers a model of friendship and good behavior for children.  Jan and Mike Berenstain make a wonderful team creating not only the story, but the easy to recognize artwork as well.

Mamas Helpers by BerenstainMama’s Helpers is an “I Can Read!” book for beginning readers.  It tells the story of the “Good Deed Scouts” who had the dilemma of deciding what their good deed of the day would be.  The scouts decide to help their mother for the day, learning about, and completing all sorts of chores, and realizing that chores can be fun and helpful too.  If you have young boy or girl scouts in your home this would be an especially good book for them.

Faithful Friends by BerenstainsFaithful Friends is the story of two best friends, Sister and Lizzy, who do everything together until a new cub, Suzy, comes to town.  Suzy doesn’t have any friends, and when Sister invites Suzy to join her friends what starts off as fun soon turns jealousy.  Thankfully Brother helps Sister see how to fix the mess she’s created and keep her friends, both old and new!  A sweet story about friendship that is good for children of all ages.

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