Review Time: Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

Undeniably Yours by Becky WadeUndeniably Yours is book one in the Porter Family series by Becky Wade.  The story follows Meg Cole, the daughter of an oil baron, who inherits her father’s wealth and power in wake of his death.  Meg is a timid, compassionate woman who has suffered in the wake of a dominating father, and sociopathic ex-husband.  Overwhelm at taking the reins of her father’s oil empire, Meg deals with severe anxiety and lack of self-esteem.  Trying to make wise financial choices, Meg determines to get rid of the thoroughbred horse farm that her father owned since she has no interest in farming and since the farm is not paying for itself.  An encounter with Bo Porter, the steady and capable manager of the farm, has Meg reevaluating the decision and her life.  His stable presence unexpectedly calms her anxiety and gives her confidence.  When a young, single mother with child shows up on her door step, Meg must weigh the demands of her upper-class station in life against the mercy of God.  Is it possible that God has plans for the farm that are far greater than the operations of an oil legacy?  Plans that may restore Meg’s confidence and self-worth?   Plans that may include the love of a trustworthy cowboy?

As someone who has suffered with unexpected bouts of anxiety and low self esteem, I immediately identified with Meg and her struggles with feeling overwhelm and suffering with anxiety, sleeplessness, and severe indigestion.   Meg is a beautiful woman, filled with compassion that defies what society and her upper-class family expect from her.   I enjoyed reading Meg’s journey, how she turns to God and healthy choices to help her overcome the daily experiences that caused her anxiety.  I fell in love with Bo Porter immediately.   Bo radiates steady calmness which is exactly what Meg needs to settle her unsteady world.  His admiration and reassurance are balms of encouragement to Meg’s battered spirit and gives her the determination to let go of the past, and society’s expectations, and follow God’s chosen path for her.  Oh what a blessing to have a friend in your life who can ease the tremors of anxiety with a kind word, gentle touch, or just a calm steadying presence!  The secondary characters, Sadie Jo, Lynn, Mr. Son, Amber and Jayden add depth and richness to the story and all in their own way show Meg God’s mercy and direction in her life.  Very pleasing first book of the series…psst… I can tell you that the series only gets better!

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2 thoughts on “Review Time: Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

  1. I also thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love Becky Wade’s writing style. I enjoyed getting to know the rest of the porter family. It was interesting to me, actually, that this story was almost more about Meg than Bo, but the series itself follows the porter family. It was a fun, romantic read definitely 🙂


    1. I love Becky’s writing style too. It reminds me of Denise Hunter’s style and I have been a fan of hers for years. Now I can add Becky to my list of favorite authors. Stay tuned to my blog this week as I have been immersed in the Porter family!

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