Review Time: The Proposal by Becky Wade

The Proposal by Becky WadeDid I mention that I have been binge reading lately?  I do that from time to time when a particularly good author writes consistently good stories that cause me to lose myself in a well-written world.  This week’s author is Becky Wade, who is known for her Porter Family Series.

Today, I pick up a short story called, The Proposal, which is set in Holley, Texas where the Porter Family series is set.  It’s the story of Amber Richardson, who we meet in earlier Porter Family novels, Undeniably Yours (book 1) and A Love Like Ours (book 3).  She’s on her way to drop off a cell phone to her boyfriend, Will, who works as a firefighter.  Amber is a single mom and cautious when it comes to love, not only to protect her heart, but the heart of her child.  On the drive to the fire station Amber’s car breaks down in cold wintry weather just before Christmas.  The trek to the fire station on foot has Amber second-guessing her life and her heart.  But there is a special gift waiting for Amber at the fire station…if she can get to the fire station safely!

The Proposal is a Christmas story and may seem an unlikely read for June; however, after reading a sub-story line about Amber in A Love Like Ours I was delighted to find this short story with the hopes that it involved a HEA (Happily Ever After) for this endearing character.  Becky Wade does not disappoint.  Although the story can be read as a stand-alone, it has more meaning after reading A Love Like Ours.  It’s a quick, sweet story that doesn’t disappoint and the wintry Christmas read will help ease the heat and humidity of a hot June afternoon.  Plus it is only $0.99 on!