Review Time: A June Bride by Marybeth Whalen

A June Bride by Marybeth WhalenI work full time, look after an aging, widowed, father, and am active in church and my community.  This leaves very little time to escape from the pressures of life.  Television has become such a circus that I find very little entertainment in it anymore.  So I turn to books.  Books are wonderful.  Especially Christian fiction.  There are many well written stories in a variety of genres:  Romance, Suspense, Fantasy, Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Dystopian, Mystery, Science Fiction and more!  The beauty of Christian fiction is that the stories are energetic, engaging, passionate, and hopeful and thankfully most lack what I don’t want to read:  profanity, pornography, violence, and crude humor.  In a novella, I can read that quality story that is full of everything I enjoy in a shorter version to fit my busy schedule.  A June Bride by Marybeth Whalen fits my reading needs perfectly.

Wynne has suffered a broken engagement.  With the prompting of friends, her sad story qualifies her for The Rejection Connection, a dating show for the unlucky in love.  Wynne has survived the make believe world of the show and has reached a point where she must choose the love of her life.  But Wynne can’t help but think all of the “reality” is anything but reality; she longs for the real, private, relationship she had with her former fiance.  When her chosen bachelor proposes, the media goes into a frenzy planning Wynne’s wedding. Suddenly she doesn’t know how to escape the pressures of being famous, and the anxiety of knowing she isn’t in love with her reality show fiance.  How do you escape a situation that is so public that it can make or break your heart and your life?

Summer Brides (A Year of Weddings 1 #7-9)I loved this take of the ‘reality show’ theme and how TV reality is often far from the truth.  A June Bride is a romance, but it offers much to think about in the price of fame versus what God’s expectations are in a relationship.  This is a quick, entertaining story that left me appreciating my anonymous life!

By the way, I actually read this story in Summer Brides (A Year of Weddings 1 #7-9) and have enjoyed many of the other novellas in this series.