Review Time: Her One and Only by Becky Wade

Her One and Only by Becky WadeOkay – I’m still binging on Becky Wade books and now that I’m at the end of this great Porter Family series and I’m suffering from pangs of, “Oh, no! It’s over!” and, “Wow! What a great ending to the series!” I love Dru’s character. She’s matured into a self-controlled, beautiful, intelligent woman, full of wit and sass…my goodness she can tackle “big football players” in the blink of an eye. What is not to love about her. Gray has so many painful issues that have affected his life, but I love his tenacity and determination. He’s not a brainless football player that has taken one too many hits to the head. He’s smart and once he sets his mind on something he is determined to win, and I’m not talking just football here. I actually think that if this book were turned into a movie that my husband might go see it with me. He was very curious about how Dru ended up protecting Gray Fowler…but I’m not giving away the ending here. Lot’s of Porter family interaction, a special side story for Meg and Bo, an action-packed romance for Dru.  This book deserves to be read!
My final note to the author…yes the series is technically ‘over’, but surely you could write a few novellas about team mate Corbin, keep us up to date on how Jake and Lindie are doing and if they have kids, how Bo and Meg are handling the twins, if Ty and Celia are still steaming up the pantry, or if Kayla finds someone to love her and her daughter. This happy reader would welcome some updates from time to time!

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