A July Bride by Beth Wiseman

A July Bride by Beth WisemanAlyssa Pennington is a bride left at the altar…Literally! She’s embarrassed and confused by Brendan Myers, who claimed to love her, but left her standing at the altar alone.  Hurt and un-forgiveness are her shields as she faces the pity of the community.   Flash forward a few months and we meet Brendan, who now realizes Alyssa was the best thing that had happened to him.  He’s seen the heart break that happens in an unhealthy marriage, especially his parent’s marriage, and maybe he experienced ‘cold feet’ and made a mistake.  Regardless Brendan’s determined to win Alyssa back.   Enter Dalton Landreth, a handsome cowboy who, like Alyssa, was abandoned by his long-time girlfriend.  Dalton is eager to move on with life and believes Alyssa may be the answer to his prayers.  Yes folks, it is a love triangle.

This is a likable story, but not my favorite in this series.  I struggled with the ending because in a triangle, someone ends up getting hurt.  I prefer honesty in a relationship and a reality check within one’s self.  Not that Alyssa intends to deceive, but she definitely needed to deal with her love for Brendan before pursuing a relationship with Dalton.  There is a thin line between love and anger.  Just because Brendan left her at the altar doesn’t mean she stopped loving him that instant.  Granted this is a novella and things happen quickly in the story, but my personal opinion is that the author could have played up the theme of forgiveness for all parties involved and not left one hurting at the end.  Of course that may have been intentional so that another book could be written, so I’ll leave my comments at that.   Despite my 3 to 4 star review for this story, Beth Wiseman is a wonderful author and I encourage readers to enjoy her books and novellas.