Review Time: Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

Just a Kiss by Denise HunterHere is the anticipated finale to the Summer Harbor series!

Best friends, Riley Callahan and Paige Warren, both struggle with feelings of not being ‘good enough’ for each other.  In many ways they create their own relationship problems by not communicating the truth about the love they harbor for one another.  They are best friends, right?  They should be able to tell each other everything, including the truth.  But, this struggle is what makes this an interesting story…working through the emotional and physical tug-of-war and reaching a place of healing and reconciliation.  In this case it works.  This story is very touching and deals honestly with Riley’s PTSD and the struggles many veterans face after leaving their tour of duty.  Paige never felt loved or wanted by her own family.  The Callahan’s are her surrogate family and Riley her best friend.  However, Riley’s choices create a rift that leaves Paige wondering if even the Callahan’s will remain in her life or not.  Very emotional story.  Sweet romance.  Yes, there is a happy ending for more than one member of the Callahan family!

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