Review Time: Jilted by Carla Laureano

Jilted by Carla LaureanoCarla Laureano’s first romantic novella is anything but ‘jilted.’ Be swept away to a private island near Belize where the waters are turquoise blue, the sands white and warm, and the breezes tropical. Derek and Anna are preparing for an island wedding; both having jitters and second thoughts. At the altar, Derek is left standing alone and oddly enough relieved at the turn of events. Enter Bethany, premiere sous chef for the island’s owner. She’s cooking up all sorts of Belizean and house specialties like conch ceviche, ravoli with lobster cream sauce, salt-crusted red snapper, and lobster fettuccini…its enough to make your stomach purr in delight. Where I live there is a saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and that certainly rings true here. Derek and Bethany end up chatting about the lost causes of their love lives over lobster fettuccini and the story only gets hotter and spicier from there…at least in the culinary department. It wouldn’t be a good story if I gave away the details! Let’s just say that Derek gets to know Belize and Bethany better over the following three days and learns that heart has no rules when it comes to love no matter what your mind tries to tell it. Good romance, melting kisses, and mouth-watering dishes…the only problem with this story is that there were no recipes at the end of the book for all the delicious food mentioned in it! Definitely looking forward to book 2 in the Discovered by Love series.

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