Review Time: If Ever I Would Leave You by Susan May Warren

if-ever-i-would-leave-you-susan-may-warrenCliff Hanger Alert! This prequel to A Montana Rescue series starts out as thrill-seeking ranch boss, (Ian), is attracted to his hardworking assistant, (Sierra). The story covers their personal history and weaknesses, and how they try to overcome the obstacle of being in a working relationship. The romance however turns to a serious quest of finding a missing niece (Esme). Both the romance and the quest are left ‘hanging,” but the prequel does a great job of setting up the main and secondary characters and the rugged landscape for the series. I could hardly put the prequel down once I started and was going, “What?” when I came to the end which was left ‘hanging’. Thank goodness I own the first book in the series, Wild Montana Skies, so I can find out how things work out for Ian, Sierra, Esme, and Dante, or at least I hope I find out the conclusion to their story. I did receive this prequel for joining the author’s newsletter; however, my opinion is all my own.