Review Time: The Thorn Healer by Pepper Basham

the-thorn-healer-by-pepper-bashamI was swept away by the finale to the Penned in Time series.  Nurse, Jessica Ross, who we have met in The Thorn Bearer as Ashleigh’s friend, and in The Thorn Keeper as David’s sister, is embittered, wounded, and battle weary from her duties in World War I Europe.  She’s lost her hearing and mobility, her hope, and much more at the hands of German enemies. Returning to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Hot Springs, North Carolina, Jessica seeks the peace and comfort of home.  What she finds is a camp of German internees, and her wish for peace is shattered.

August Reinhold, is a German sailor who was detained once the United States entered the war.  He is a peaceful man who finds the Blue Ridge Mountains a place he wants to call home even if it is from a fenced in barrack.  He is friends with Dr. Carter and his wife, assisting the good doctor in his medical office.  Mrs. Carter has been so kind to invite him to dinner, share food, fellowship, and letters from Jessica and David from the war front.  In those letters August comes to respect Jessica and desires to meet her and know her better.  Their first meeting is anything but friendly.  However, August is determined to win Jessica’s friendship, but there is so much pain in Jessica’s past he wonders if she will ever let anyone into her heart. When an unseen enemies threaten all they hold dear will August and Jessica have the courage to let go of past hurts and risk all to protect the ones they love?

Ms. Basham is a wordsmith that has taken the genre of historical romance and turned into an art form to be savored for many years to come. Poignant and intense, this character driven story takes you into the heart of pain, deliverance, and healing.  There is humor, intrigue, and moments that had me on the brink of tears.  This book is very moving; staying with you long after the last page is turned and the back cover closed.

Enjoy the entire series: