Review Time: Other Than A Halo by Valerie Comer

other-than-a-halo-by-valerie-comerI enjoyed this sequel to the Christmas in Montana series and especially enjoyed Rob Santoro, a character from the first books in the Urban Farm Fresh series, crossed over into the lead hero of this story. Rob is more mature in this story, and successful in his business career. Even though he has gladly left his large, meddling, Italian family behind in Spokane, Washington, he finds his independence comes with a price…loneliness. Bren is a minor character in More than a Tiara; a single mother, saved by grace, and trying to raise two children on her own. Bren works hard and strives to be a good mother to her young son and daughter, but she realizes she can’t provide the ‘father figure’ they need. She is weighed down by the guilt of the choices she’s made in the past that tarnish her reputation in the present. Her friends see Bren as a beautiful new creation in Christ, but Bren remains chained to her past. When Rob enters the picture, Bren faces the dilemma of remaining chained and alone or forgiving herself and taking a chance on the future…a future that may include the love of a lifetime. Valerie Comer has a writing style that entertains, but also encourages the reader to think about the choices that aid or hinder them from fully living in faith. Valerie’s Farm Fresh/Urban Farm Fresh fans as well as Christian and clean readers will enjoy this story.

Snowflake Tiara by Valerie Comer
Includes the novella, More Than A Tiara by Valerie Comer.