Review Time: Wrapped in Red by Meghan Gorecki

wrapped-in-red-by-meghan-goreckiAnyone who has experienced a painful heartache or grief at the holiday season will feel a connection with Merry Grainger. Hardened by the hurt and burdened with a sense of failure, Merry shields her heart with a sharp tongue and aloofness; but doing so has shielded her from her family who loves her desperately and from a man who may have the cure to her breaking heart. A Christmas play, some matchmaking teens, and a wise grandmother help show Merry that her hurt can only be healed by the true Gift of Christmas. But Merry isn’t ready to receive this precious Gift, or is she? This first novella by Northern Belle, Meghan Gorecki, was delightful and a good choice as a Christmas/New Year’s read. Check out Meghan’s author profile at

Note:  the story mentions a dish called bobalki.  If you know what this is and have a recipe for it, comment below and let me know!