Review Time: The Yielding by Tamara Leigh

the-yielding-by-tamara-leighI have officially become a fan of Tamara Leigh! I thought the first book, The Unveiling, was good, but The Yielding is even better. Beatrix Wulfrith has a beautiful, faith-filled, courageous spirit. Accused of murder, she stands up for the truth even when it could condemn her. Michael D’Arci is embittered by his own past mistakes and over his brother’s death. Though he has gifts of healing he rarely feels compassion and his faith in God has long faded. He longs to see Beatrix suffer for the crime she’s been accused, but as the facts start to prove Beatrix’s innocence, Michael must come to terms with his own bitterness and face the truth that he has misjudged his brother and injured an innocent lady. This book also sets the stage for book three, The Redeeming. Mild sexual references, mild action violence, but otherwise a clean read. Be sure to check out ohter books in the Age of Faith series.


7 thoughts on “Review Time: The Yielding by Tamara Leigh

    1. Wow! It is wonderful to hear from an author! I hope you will check back for my review of The Redeeming and The Kindling in February! The Longing is near the top of my TBR – YAY! Have I heard correctly that Sir Durand will have his own story in the Age of Faith series this year? He’s one of those characters that you don’t know whether to love or hate, which makes me what to read his story even more! Thank you for visiting!


      1. My pleasure! I look forward to seeing how The Redeeming and The Kindling compare to your reading of The Yielding. As for Durand’s tale–yes, and about time! His story will release 3 years after The Longing, and he’s antsy 🙂 His story is titled The Vexing. Cover reveal coming soon. Blessings!

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    1. Carrie, I had moved away from medieval romance, but Tamara Leigh has me longing for handsome, swoon-worthy, knights again! And the covers are just beautiful! Please let me know what you think when you read the series!!!

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