Valentine’s Day Review: Operation Valentine by Elizabeth Maddrey

operation-valentine-by-elizabeth-maddreyJane Austen is the portrait of romance and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to read a contemporary story based on Austen’s Persuasion!  Annabelle Elliott is a programming whiz, but her life is lack-luster.  Six years earlier she was persuaded to call off an engagement to her college sweetheart, Rick Wentworth.  Rick has returned from an overseas assignment only to find his vacation puts him in direct contact with Annabelle; the girl he would like to forget!  Some matchmaking friends from Operation Mistletoe are determined to get these two together, but with both of them dating other people, and dealing with Annabelle’s disapproving parents, can they possibly work out their differences?  Or will they be persuaded to give up the second chance that God has given them?

This is a sweet novella by fellow Virginian, Elizabeth Maddrey, features a wonderful Austen-like Valentine ending.  I’m looking forward to reading Operation Fireworks!