Review Time: Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

wires-and-nerve-by-marissa-meyerIko from The Lunar Chronicles, finally gets her chance to shine.  From servant robot to a glitch that makes her love ‘girly’ fashion and romance; followers of the Lunar Chronicles have watched Iko lighten the mood and win the day with her dependable, peppy, and courageous personality.  In this graphic novel, we see Iko developing into an individual, full of nerve and sass, ready to protect her friends at all cost; even if it means losing a few wires in the process.  Her humanity is called into question; Is it personality and spirit that make us human or only flesh and blood. Can programmed cyborgs possibly be human? (This reminded me of Mr. Data’s dilemma in Star Trek.) Overall a clean read with some violence (Iko is hunting rogue wolf warriors who are killing humans), plus lots of party dresses and fashionable shoes. Fans of the original Marissa Meyers books will get to see their favorite characters again as well as meet new ones.  Cliff-hanger alert – let’s hope we don’t have to wait long for the finale!Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer