Review Time: A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

a-moonbow-night-by-laura-frantzHi Folks!  Sorry to keep you waiting.  I am just returning from 1776 ‘Kentucke’, the west lands of my home in Virginia.  I’ve been to a simple, but sweet wedding at the Moonbow Inn near Cumberland Falls.  Whew! It’s been a rugged trek through Cumberland country- barely passable deer paths, deep rushing river crossings, steep, slippery terrain; not to mention the dangers of wild animals, drop-off cliffs, stormy weather and … Chickamauga Indians (shiver).  I’m mighty thankful for the Boones  and others who blazed the trail ahead of the settlers of these lands, but it wasn’t easy and there was so much sacrifice and loss (sigh).  Anyway, I wanted to tell you that despite the hardships in Laura Frantz’s vivid story, A Moonbow Night, is an entrancing tale of frontier life in the Kentucky wilderness before Kentucky statehood.  Hard work, determination, perseverance, courage and respect for God’s creation are cornerstones of the story, no matter which character’s perspective: Tempe-the innkeeper’s daughter, Sion- the surveryor, or Raven- the Cherokee torn between two worlds as well as the other secondary characters.

Lantz’s landscape building is lush; a virtual feast for the senses.  As I read I felt as if my feet were walking the mossy earth along the Warrior’s Path.  I could hear the rushing Cumberland falls.  I could taste the sweet water springs.  I could smell the pine, spruce, and leafy forest floor.  Plus the mention of Ms. Tucker’s homemade victuals made my mouth water.  Beneath this wondrous, historical, landscape are two tales of lost love, haunting grief and regret, and the very deep hope in God that transcends all pain and brings peace and restoration, even in an untamed, dangerous land.   If you love historical fiction with a sweet ribbon of romance, I highly recommend A Moonbow Night.

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I would like to thank the Franklin County Public Library in Rocky Mount, VA for adding this book to their collection and for letting me be the first reader on their book loan list when it arrived!