Review: How to Make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak

how-to-make-victoria-sponge-by-margaret-kazmierczakHow to describe this contemporary story about a married, working mother of four children; most of them teenagers, and her weekly battle to be wife, mother, teacher, neighbor, protector, encourager, maid, daughter, and healer? 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” (KJV), and that is the core of this book. Victoria Sponge wakes each day to the chaos and commotion of dramatic teens, a sensitive young child, a busy husband, distracted preschool toddlers, a father with Alzheimer’s, a neighbor in distress, bullies at school, audits, accidents and more. Maintaining her composure, faith, and acting with compassion is challenging. How does she do it? She wakes each day saying, “Yes!” to God, and praying and praising God through her day regardless of the situation and challenge. This book is good, but it is not one that can be read in large doses. There is a great deal of scriptural ‘meat’ to chew on and ponder. The more I read, the more I found myself praying along with Victoria and often her prayers became my prayers for the situations in my own stressful day. There are some tough topics in the book which the author handles with candidness and empathy. Is this an easy book to read – No. Is it worth reading – Yes!

Note: Author uses British spellings and terminology which may be different from American spellings and term usage.  To me this added to the charm of the story and gave it flavor.

Final thought:  I would consider this a very interesting book for a bible study or Sunday school study as it offers plenty of topics for discussion – topics that are both personal and spiritual all pointing to building a strong relationship with God.

I received this complimentary copy of the book from the author for participating in a multi-author promotional event. The choice to read the book and offer a review was my own.