Review Time: The Redeeming by Tamara Leigh

the-redeeming-by-tamara-leighThis story picks up where The Yielding leaves off – Gaenor has run from a forced marriage to Christian Lavonne, enemy of Wulfrith family. Hidden away in the Wulfrith training fortress, she meets an intriguing knight who is kind and sees her as more than the king’s chattel, but who is promised to another. When she returns home for her sister’s wedding, Sir Durand offers her a chance to runaway again. The consequences of her actions sets into motion mistrust that will take an act of God to mend. I fell in love with the enemy-hero, Christian Lavonne. His struggle to become Baron of Abingdale and undo the bitter wickedness of his father and brother was so admirable, as well as his desire to have a peaceful marriage with his reluctant bride, Gaenor. At times I pitied Gaenor and at times criticized her for the choices she made. Yet, Gaenor’s determination and willingness to do what is right even when her actions place shame upon her is endearing. The taunting interplay between Abel Wulfrith and Christian Lavonne was amusing, and this part of the story begins setting up the story line for the next book, The Kindling. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy this series and I have total cover love for these books.  For more on the Age of Faith series and all of Tamera Leigh’s books visit: