Book Review: The Kindling by Tamara Leigh

the-kindling-by-tamara-leighI worried. I sighed. I panicked. I swooned. And I enjoyed this story about Sir Abel Wulfrith, who was greatly injured and desiring to die at the end of book three, The Redeeming, in the Age of Faith series.  Helene of Tippet is summoned to tend Sir Abel from his physical wounds that may well leave him less than the respected warrior he once was.  As she works with the stubborn, angry knight, she challenges his mental and spiritual wounds to heal too.  Their close proximity reveals their desire for one another, but Helene knows that as a commoner nothing can come of it, especially if Sir Abel discovers her true identity; that she is the sister to the wicked, Sir Robert… the man who greatly wounded Sir Abel.

I loved Helene’s character.  Her compassion, intelligence, strength, and awareness of her own weaknesses and the weaknesses of others, makes her easy to love and respect.  I have adored Sir Abel’s tempestuous character since The Unveiling, and longed to see his restless, fierce character tamed with love, especially after learning of the cruelty of his first wife and marriage.  Helene’s noble character, despite her common birth, keeps her from giving into the powerful attraction she feels for Sir Abel and becoming his mistress.  Her self-control keeps the passion simmering, and Sir Abel has to reconcile the past with what he truly wants for his future.  The cameos by past Wulfrith family members give the story a strong sense of community and a longing for more Age of Faith stories.  I will agree with one reader review that felt the ending for Helene and Abel a bit too short after so much struggle, but it is my hope we will see them happily situated in book five, The Longing.

I recommend all the books in The Age of Faith series by Tamara Leigh!  And did I mention cover love…check out the beautiful covers for all her books!

So for my readers, you’ll notice that I’ve had Tamara Leigh in the spotlight a lot over the last couple months.  When I find a series that I enjoy I tend to devour it!  So I hope you’ll be patient with me while I work through this series and I invite you to try it too!


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  1. Thank you for the lovely review of The Kindling. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Sir Abel and Helene’s romance. More of their tale will be featured in Sir Durand’s soon-to-be-released story, The Vexing. And quite a few other Age Of Faith heroes and heroines will be dropping in 🙂 Blessings ~ Tamara

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