Review Time: The Nanny’s Little Matchmakers by Danica Favorite

nannys-matchmakers-by-danica-favoriteDanica Favorite charms her readers with a sweet, historical romance set in Colorado.  Mitch has lived through a bad marriage.  His only joy is his five unruly children.  Polly has seen too many bad marriages in the mining town of Leadville, and seeks to be an independent woman and a teacher.  A chance encounter with a bad nanny, energetic, but lovable children, and a frazzled father has Polly changing direction and pitching in to help.  But what happens when Mitch is accused of murdering his wife?

Polly reminds me a bit of Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables.  Her determination, kind, but independent spirit is center stage in the story.  Add five rambunctious kids who made me think of Nanny Mcphee, and you have a fun story about overcoming past hurts, accepting and loving people as they are, and a healing that brings restoration, wholeness and peace.  Top it off with a bit of matchmaking magic and you have a delightful story, filled with a warm sense of community and sweet romance.

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The Nanny’s Little Matchmakers was sent to me as a prize for attending an multi-author event.  The review was completely my choice and my opinion.