Review: Pemberton Manor: The Moon Mother by Becky Doughty

Pemberton-The Moon Mother by Becky DoughtyThe Moon Mother, a prequel in the new Pemberton Manor series, is a sweet novella about Lucy, a young mother and mother-to-be, who is running from an abusive relationship. She finds herself living at Pemberton Manor with a quirky set of neighbors. Living in constant fear and determined to protect her radiant daughter, Itsy, and unborn baby, Oliver, Lucy wonders who can she trust? The unseen, yet watchful, Mr. Paxton? Sean the book “dude”? Nosy Sarah and her pessimistic sister, Gracie? August Jones? I don’t want to give away the ending, but I will say there is a cliff-hanger that leads into a serial story. This prequel gave just enough character and setting details to hook me into reading more about the unique community at Pemberton Manor. 

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Pemberton-The Goodbye Girl by Becky Doughty