Review Time: The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson

a-noble-servant-by-melanie-dickersonPre-order now! Book releases May 9, 2017!

Melanie Dickerson works her story-telling magic again with a character based in the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale, The Goose Girl. Dickerson fans first meet Magdalen of Mallin in The Beautiful Pretender.  She is a true friend to Avelina, who ends up marrying the Margrave of Thornbeck.  But, two years have past and Magdalen struggles in an unwelcoming home and suffers to watch the people of her land battle poverty.  An unexpected invitation to marry the Duke of Wolfberg offers Magdalan a chance to improve the state of her home and people.  She also hopes the the Duke will remember her from her brief time at Thornbeck and perhaps may come to feel a fondness for her as she has felt for him over the last two years.  However, all is not as it would seem in Wolfberg.  Magadalen loses her identity, and while caring for some testy geese discovers nothing is as it would seem!  This is a delightful young adult tale about identity, faith, self-control, and finding the courage to face the challenges of life even when the outcome may be difficult and painful.  Beautiful cover and well written tale – Another good story in the Thornbeck series!

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