The Goodbye Girl: A Serial Novel – The Prequel to the Pemberton Manor series by Becky Doughty

Pemberton-The Goodbye Girl by Becky DoughtyStuck in an elevator on Christmas Eve, Grace, August, Lucy and Itsy overcome fear, learn not to judge by appearances, and share a fellowship wrapped in the sweet meaning of grace. The subtle references to the biblical Christmas story add richness without being preachy. The characters are quirky and delightful, especially Itsy, who is all heart! Add a touch of romance and this book is a winner! (Note: this story is part of a serial novel set so there are some unanswered questions at the end that hopefully will be answered in future stories.)  Check out author Becky Doughty and her books at

If you enjoy this story be sure to pick up The Moon Mother which tells the history about Lucy and Itsy and how they ended up at Pemberton Manor.  Pemberton-The Moon Mother by Becky Doughty